Crypto Shield Guide!

Crypto Shield is there for many who are dreaming of a passive income with Cryptocurrency. It is possible because in our Such Massive Events LikeLaunchPad, Project Funding, Free Listing Contest, Airdrop/Giveaway Campaign, SHIELD Holder’s Rewards, Staking & More Events. On Every Launchpad, Job Funding & Free Listing Contest, In Tax of some percentage of (ABC Project Token) will hold by Crypto shield Team. This tax Token is then split between all SHIELD Holder’s predicated on token allocation.

Crypto Shield Token is a deflationary Token created with a team of experts (dev, trader, marketer, economist) and cryptocurrency specialists that aims to literally change the world. It was built to revolutionize the financial system via an eco friendly platform.

The founders of Crypto Shield are highly experienced and have already demonstrated their focus and diligence on another known project. The team will expand as Crypto Shield grows more, adding community managers, marketing leads, developers and moderators.


Passive Earning: Hold shield Token & Earn Crypto Rewards in Cryptoshield Events & Airdrop campaign.

Staking Rewards: Stake Shield & Earn Protect On Various Staking Exchanges OR Shieldex

Security Alert: Crypto Shield Provide Malicious/Scam Projects Alerts on our website & social networking to your Token Holder’s & Community to Secure Your Asset Before Investing & Lost On Malicious/Scams Projects.

Funding: Crypto Shield has a intention to invest in different project according to specific criteria. Every Project can get fund, we will select Only Best Projects, We’ll Contact you when You’re Ready

Free listing Contest: Crypto Shield provides a no cost Listing Contest to Best & Trusted Crypto Startup Projects Predicated on Rules & Specific Criteria. We Will Select Best 10 Projects on a monthly basis for voting. Voting will maintain three phase & winner project will be direct list at the top Exchanges.

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Launchpad: Crypto Shield Launchpad it’s Among Best & Unique Launchpad Program. User’s will take participate with BNB, ETH & Participated User’s Can Also Able to earn SHIELD Token. Every Launchpad Startup Projects Is going to be Direct List at the top 10 Exchanges.

Products: Crypto Shield Give a High Secured BEP20, ERC20 & TRC20 Token Smart Contract & NFTs without Extra Fees &, Its Assist with Get Fastly Approval from Top Audits Platforms.

Crypto Shield Audit: Crypto Shield Audit supply the most in-depth analysis of EVM smart Contracts and Projects From both Cyber Security and blockchain security perspectives

A.I Wallet: We Will Introduce to World With First A.I Cryptocurrency Wallet. More Details just around the corner…. Stay Connected With Our Social Media


Crypto Sheild is striving to help everyday investors to Invest in such of All Time Best Upcoming Project & Our Launchpad, reach financial independence within our passive income ecosystem. Everyday Investors are, estimately over $10 – $20 million is lost to malicious/Scams projects. Crypto Sheild Provide Scam Alerts & Sheild Protection on our Website & Social Media To Our Token Holder’s & Community to Secure Your Asset Before Investing & Lost On Malicious/Rip-offs Projects. Our Analysing Team Are Expert to analyse SO ON this Projects on Market & Offer a Proofs With Our Community.


As the blockchain and cryptocurrency market continues to see significant growth, so too does the number of projects come to the market, with some being legitimate and others being scams.

We at CRYPTO SHIELD have a vision to help fund the growth of only the best upcoming projects and in order to do this we have our very own internal selection standards and process which projects must go through prior to being approved for funding and advice about an exchange listing.

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We have a team of analysts who match the best projects and founders in the crypto ecosystem with token buyers. The choice standards are challenging which is always being reviewed to ensure we capture the latest trends in the crypto market.

Our team members look for specific indicators of the project’s success not only during the initial application, but beyond. These can include but are not limited by;

  • Team strength
  • Technology strength v/s other opponents
  • Token mechanism design
  • Marketing, messaging and communication
  • Roadmap and timeline


Crypto Shield Launch is a decentralized launchpad zone where project owners will be able to raise funds and liquidity for their projects in accordance with our requirements. It’ll allow projects to generate initial liquidity in a decentralized manner whilst also allowing the SHIELD community to take part in Initial DEX Offerings for assignments which may have been vetted and approved by the Crypto Shield team

Advanced Features

Liquidity: The Crypto Shield Launch system will automatically lock liquidity to any BSC DEX and return the percentage chosen by the project owner. Users holding Crypto SHield tokens will have priority access to launchpad projects over a firstcome, first-serve basis.

Security: Crypto Shield Launch will also have advanced functionality to discover and stop front-running bots from starting an IDO, combined with a mechanism to lock-up team tokens and mitigate the chance of rugpulls.

Launch Menu: The launch menu is a list of launch strategy options that projects can choose from to conduct their IDO. Ranging from basic fixed price token sales completely to dynamic price dutch auctions and more complex methods such as Initial Bonding Curve Offerings.

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Tiered Launchpad

Crypto Shield Launch utilises a set tier system based on a pre-defined number of tokens held by users in their Crypto Shield wallet. The goal of tiers is to provide opportunities for those community members to participate in launchpad sales, regardless of the size of their holdings. The tiers imply that project tokens will be distributed proportionally to token holders depending on their tier level; the higher the tier, a lot more tokens will be distributed. Tiers and token requirements are the following;

  • Silver Tier – 10,000 SHIELD
  • Gold Tier – 100,000 SHIELD
  • Platinum Tier – 500,000 SHIELD
  • Diamond Tier – 1,000,000 SHIELD